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LinearAlgebra Namespace Reference




class  Vector
class  BlockVector
class  ReadWriteVector
class  VectorSpaceVector


using CommunicationPatternBase = Utilities::MPI::CommunicationPatternBase


template<typename Number >
void set_zero_mean_value (VectorSpaceVector< Number > &vector)
 TEMPL_COPY_CONSTRUCTOR (std::complex< double >, std::complex< float >)
 TEMPL_COPY_CONSTRUCTOR (std::complex< float >, std::complex< double >)

Detailed Description

A namespace for vector classes.

This namespace contains various classes that provide wrappers to vector classes from different external libraries like Trilinos (EPetra) or PETSc and native implementations like LinearAlgebra::distributed::Vector.

The different vector classes are derived from VectorSpaceVector to provide a joint interface for vector space operations, are derived from ReadWriteVector (or ReadWriteVector itself), or both. The separation of vector space operations (like norms or vector additions) through VectorSpaceVector and element access through ReadWriteVector are by design and improve performance.

Typedef Documentation

◆ CommunicationPatternBase

Alias for Utilities::MPI::CommunicationPatternBase. This class was originally defined in the LinearAlgebra namespace but is now used for more general purposes.

Definition at line 33 of file communication_pattern_base.h.

Function Documentation

◆ set_zero_mean_value()

template<typename Number >
void LinearAlgebra::set_zero_mean_value ( VectorSpaceVector< Number > &  vector)

Shift all entries of the vector by a constant factor so that the mean value of the vector becomes zero.

Definition at line 296 of file vector_space_vector.h.


LinearAlgebra::TEMPL_COPY_CONSTRUCTOR ( double  ,


LinearAlgebra::TEMPL_COPY_CONSTRUCTOR ( float  ,


LinearAlgebra::TEMPL_COPY_CONSTRUCTOR ( std::complex< double ,
std::complex< float >   


LinearAlgebra::TEMPL_COPY_CONSTRUCTOR ( std::complex< float >  ,
std::complex< double