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internal::SubfacePossibilities< dim > Struct Template Reference
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enum  Possibilities { case_none = 0 , case_isotropic = static_cast<std::uint8_t>(-1) }

Detailed Description

template<int dim>
struct internal::SubfacePossibilities< dim >

A class that provides all possible situations a face (in the current space dimension dim) might be subdivided into subfaces. For dim=1 and dim=2 they correspond to the cases given in RefinementPossibilities<dim-1>. However, SubfacePossibilities<3> includes the refinement cases of RefinementPossibilities<2>, but additionally some subface possibilities a face might be subdivided into which occur through repeated anisotropic refinement steps performed on one of two neighboring cells.

This general template is unused except in some weird template constructs. Actual is made, however, of the specializations SubfacePossibilities<1>, SubfacePossibilities<2> and SubfacePossibilities<3>.

Definition at line 929 of file geometry_info.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Possibilities

Possible cases of faces being subdivided into subface.


Do not refine.


Refine isotropically.

Definition at line 934 of file geometry_info.h.

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