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GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData Struct Reference

#include <deal.II/grid/grid_generator.h>

Public Member Functions

 AdditionalData ()
void add_parameters (ParameterHandler &prm)

Public Attributes

std::string airfoil_type
std::string naca_id
Point< 2, double > joukowski_center
double airfoil_length
double height
double length_b2
double incline_factor
double bias_factor
unsigned int refinements
unsigned int n_subdivision_x_0
unsigned int n_subdivision_x_1
unsigned int n_subdivision_x_2
unsigned int n_subdivision_y
unsigned int airfoil_sampling_factor

Detailed Description

AdditionalData collects all settings that are required to generate a airfoil triangulation with the functions Airfoil::create_triangulation().

Definition at line 2437 of file grid_generator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AdditionalData()

GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::AdditionalData ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ add_parameters()

void GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::add_parameters ( ParameterHandler prm)

This function adds the ParameterHandler entries.

[in]prmParameter handler.

Member Data Documentation

◆ airfoil_type

std::string GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::airfoil_type

Type of the airfoil: either "NACA" or "Joukowksi" to choose airfoil geometry among NACA and Joukowski airfoil.

Definition at line 2443 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ naca_id

std::string GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::naca_id

NACA serial number defining the airfoil shape.

Currently serial numbers with length 4 are supported. A good overview of NACA serial numbers is presented in Wikipedia (

Definition at line 2452 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ joukowski_center

Point<2, double> GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::joukowski_center

Center of Joukowski circle.

A center on the x-axis leads to a symmetrical airfoil.

Definition at line 2459 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ airfoil_length

double GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::airfoil_length

Chord length of the airfoil, i.e. distance from leading to trailing edge.

Definition at line 2465 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ height

double GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::height

Vertical distance from airfoil chord to upper boundary of the mesh i.e. half of the total mesh height.

Definition at line 2471 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ length_b2

double GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::length_b2

Length of mesh from the airfoil trailing edge to outflow boundary.

Definition at line 2476 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ incline_factor

double GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::incline_factor

Factor defining the inclination HG of the coarse grid The figure shows the upper coarse grid with two different inclinations

  • incline_factor = 0 --> face HG
  • incline_factor = 0.5 --> face HG' Coordinate of point G' is defined by incline_factor after interpolation G'(0) = G(0) + incline_factor * (K(0) - G(0)) with incline_factor in [0,1).
        /  |     |  /    |
      /    o     | /     |
    /    /    \  |/      |
    o-—o H----—o

Definition at line 2493 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ bias_factor

double GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::bias_factor

Factor to receive a finer mesh around the airfoil by increasing bias_factor b. Bias function: f(x) = tanh(bx) / tanh(x) with x in [0,1], leads to a compression of values close to x = 1.

Definition at line 2501 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ refinements

unsigned int GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::refinements

Number of global refinements.

Definition at line 2506 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ n_subdivision_x_0

unsigned int GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::n_subdivision_x_0

Number of subdivisions along the airfoil in left block.

Definition at line 2511 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ n_subdivision_x_1

unsigned int GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::n_subdivision_x_1

Number of subdivisions along the airfoil in middle block.

Definition at line 2516 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ n_subdivision_x_2

unsigned int GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::n_subdivision_x_2

Number of subdivisions in block right of the airfoil.

Definition at line 2521 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ n_subdivision_y

unsigned int GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::n_subdivision_y

Number of subdivisions normal to the airfoil contour.

Definition at line 2526 of file grid_generator.h.

◆ airfoil_sampling_factor

unsigned int GridGenerator::Airfoil::AdditionalData::airfoil_sampling_factor

Factor to enhance the approximation of the airfoil geometry that happens when interpolating provided nonequidistant airfoil points to equidistant airfoil points. When generating the required vector consisting the equidistant airfoil points, it is interpolated between nonequidistand airfoil points. Increasing the provided nonequidistant airfoil points leads to a better approximation of the airfoil geometry. Parameter "airfoil_sampling_factor" thereby defines the relation of provided_nonequidistant_points to required_equidistant_points.

Definition at line 2539 of file grid_generator.h.

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