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Differentiation::AD::internal::Marking< ADNumberType, T > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename ADNumberType, typename T = void>
struct Differentiation::AD::internal::Marking< ADNumberType, T >

A struct to assist with the marking of AD numbers that represent independent and dependent variables.

The specializations of this class have to implement the following member functions:

// Initialize the state of an independent variable.
static void
independent_variable(const ScalarType &in,
const unsigned int index,
const unsigned int n_independent_variables,
ADNumberType &out)
// Initialize the state of a dependent variable.
static void
dependent_variable(ADNumberType &out,
const ADNumberType &func);

where ADNumberType is the auto-differentiable number type and ScalarType is its floating point counterpart.

Template Parameters
ADNumberTypeA type corresponding to a supported auto-differentiable number.
TAn arbitrary type resulting from the application of the SFINAE idiom to selectively specialize this class.

Definition at line 142 of file ad_number_traits.h.

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