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numbers::internal::SignalingNaN Namespace Reference


struct  NaNInitializer
struct  NaNInitializer< float >
struct  NaNInitializer< double >
struct  NaNInitializer< VectorizedArray< T, width > >
struct  NaNInitializer< Tensor< 1, dim, T > >
struct  NaNInitializer< Tensor< rank, dim, T > >
struct  NaNInitializer< Point< dim, T > >
struct  NaNInitializer< SymmetricTensor< rank, dim, T > >
struct  NaNInitializer< DerivativeForm< order, dim, spacedim, T > >

Detailed Description

A namespace for the implementation of functions that create signaling NaN objects. This is where the numbers::signaling_nan() function calls into.