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TriangulationDescription Namespace Reference


namespace  Utilities


struct  CellData
struct  Description


enum  Settings { default_setting = 0x0 , construct_multigrid_hierarchy = 0x1 }

Detailed Description

A namespace dedicated to the struct Description, which can be used in one of the overloads of Triangulation::create_triangulation(). All triangulations in deal.II are, in one way or the other, created by calling Triangulation::create_triangulation(); for example, all of the functions in class GridIn and namespace GridGenerator call these functions. Most of these call the overload that takes a vector of vertices plus a vector of CellData objects that describe which vertices form each cell (along with some other information). But there are other overloads of Triangulation::create_triangulation() that require more elaborate descriptions of triangulations, and these typically use an object of type TriangulationDescription::Description declared in this namespace.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ Settings

Configuration flags for Triangulation objects. Settings can be combined using bitwise OR.


Default settings, other options are disabled.


This flag needs to be set to use the geometric multigrid functionality. This option requires additional computation and communication.

Definition at line 308 of file tria_description.h.