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LinearAlgebraTrilinos Namespace Reference




using SolverCG = TrilinosWrappers::SolverCG
using SolverGMRES = TrilinosWrappers::SolverGMRES

Detailed Description

A namespace in which the wrappers to the Trilinos linear algebra classes are aliased to generic names. There are similar namespaces LinearAlgebraDealII and LinearAlgebraPETSc for alias to deal.II's own classes and classes that interface with PETSc.

Typedef Documentation

◆ SolverCG

Typedef for the CG solver type used.

Definition at line 183 of file generic_linear_algebra.h.

◆ SolverGMRES

Typdef for the GMRES solver type used.

Definition at line 188 of file generic_linear_algebra.h.