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namespace  internal


class  RenumberedView
struct  RenumberingData
class  Scalar
class  SymmetricTensor
class  SymmetricTensor< 2, dim, spacedim >
class  Tensor
class  Tensor< 2, dim, spacedim >
class  Vector


template<int dim, int spacedim, typename Extractor >
using View = typename ::internal::FEValuesViews::ViewType< dim, spacedim, Extractor >::type

Detailed Description

A namespace for "views" on a FEValues, FEFaceValues, or FESubfaceValues object. A view represents only a certain part of the whole: whereas the FEValues object represents all values, gradients, or second derivatives of all components of a vector-valued element, views restrict the attention to only a single component or a subset of components. You typically get objects of classes defined in this namespace by applying FEValuesExtractors objects to a FEValues, FEFaceValues or FESubfaceValues objects using the square bracket operator.

There are classes that present views for single scalar components, vector components consisting of dim elements, and symmetric second order tensor components consisting of (dim*dim + dim)/2 elements

See the description of the Handling vector valued problems module for examples how to use the features of this namespace.

Typedef Documentation

◆ View

template<int dim, int spacedim, typename Extractor >
using FEValuesViews::View = typedef typename ::internal::FEValuesViews:: ViewType<dim, spacedim, Extractor>::type

A templated alias that associates to a given Extractor class the corresponding view in FEValuesViews.

Definition at line 2080 of file fe_values_views.h.