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FEInterfaceViews Namespace Reference


class  Base
class  Scalar
class  Vector


template<int dim, int spacedim, typename Extractor >
using View = typename ::internal::FEInterfaceViews::ViewType< dim, spacedim, Extractor >::type

Detailed Description

Namespace for views you get from accessing FEInterfaceValues using an extractor.

Typedef Documentation

◆ View

template<int dim, int spacedim, typename Extractor >
using FEInterfaceViews::View = typedef typename ::internal::FEInterfaceViews:: ViewType<dim, spacedim, Extractor>::type

A templated alias that associates to a given Extractor class the corresponding view in FEInterfaceViews.

Definition at line 1245 of file fe_interface_values.h.