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RepartitioningPolicyTools Namespace Reference


class  Base
class  CellWeightPolicy
class  DefaultPolicy
class  FirstChildPolicy
class  MinimalGranularityPolicy

Detailed Description

A namespace with repartitioning policies. These classes return vectors of of the new owners of the active locally owned and ghost cells of a Triangulation object. The returned vectors can be used, e.g., in TriangulationDescription::Utilities::create_description_from_triangulation() to create a TriangulationDescription::Description based on a given Triangulation and the predescribed partition, which can be used to set up a parallel::fullydistributed::Triangulation objects.

These policies can be also used in context of MGTransferGlobalCoarseningTools::create_geometric_coarsening_sequence() to prescribe arbitrary partitioning in multgrid levels of global coarsening multigrid schmeme.