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Namespaces | Classes
Numerical algorithms


namespace  DerivativeApproximation
namespace  MatrixCreator
namespace  MatrixTools
namespace  VectorTools


class  CellDataTransfer< dim, spacedim, VectorType >
class  KellyErrorEstimator< dim, spacedim >
class  SolutionTransfer< dim, VectorType, spacedim >

Detailed Description

This module groups a diverse set of classes that generally implement some sort of numerical algorithm on top all the basic triangulation, DoFHandler, and finite element classes in the library. They are generally unconnected to each other.

Some of the classes, like DerivativeApproximation, KellyErrorEstimator and SolutionTransfer, act on solutions already obtained, and compute derived quantities in the first two cases, or help transferring a set of vectors from one mesh to another.

The namespaces MatrixCreator, MatrixTools, and VectorTools provide an assortment of services, such as creating a Laplace matrix, projecting or interpolating a function onto the present finite element space, etc. The difference to the functions in the DoFTools and FETools functions is that they work on vectors (i.e. members of a finite element function space on a given triangulation) or help in the creation of it. On the other hand, the DoFTools functions only act on a given DoFHandler object without reference to a data vector, and the FETools objects generally work with finite element classes but again without any associated data vectors.