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GridTools::PeriodicFacePair< CellIterator > Struct Template Reference

#include <deal.II/grid/grid_tools.h>

Inheritance diagram for GridTools::PeriodicFacePair< CellIterator >:

Public Attributes

CellIterator cell [2]
unsigned int face_idx [2]
std::bitset< 3 > orientation
FullMatrix< doublematrix

Detailed Description

template<typename CellIterator>
struct GridTools::PeriodicFacePair< CellIterator >

Data type that provides all information necessary to create periodicity constraints and a periodic p4est forest with respect to two 'periodic' cell faces.

Definition at line 2647 of file grid_tools.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cell

template<typename CellIterator>
CellIterator GridTools::PeriodicFacePair< CellIterator >::cell[2]

The cells associated with the two 'periodic' faces.

Definition at line 2652 of file grid_tools.h.

◆ face_idx

template<typename CellIterator>
unsigned int GridTools::PeriodicFacePair< CellIterator >::face_idx[2]

The local face indices (with respect to the specified cells) of the two 'periodic' faces.

Definition at line 2658 of file grid_tools.h.

◆ orientation

template<typename CellIterator>
std::bitset<3> GridTools::PeriodicFacePair< CellIterator >::orientation

The relative orientation of the first face with respect to the second face as described in orthogonal_equality() and DoFTools::make_periodicity_constraints() (and stored as a bitset).

Definition at line 2665 of file grid_tools.h.

◆ matrix

template<typename CellIterator>
FullMatrix<double> GridTools::PeriodicFacePair< CellIterator >::matrix

A dim \(\times\) dim rotation matrix that describes how vector valued DoFs of the first face should be modified prior to constraining to the DoFs of the second face.

The rotation matrix is used in DoFTools::make_periodicity_constraints() by applying the rotation to all vector valued blocks listed in the parameter first_vector_components of the finite element space. For more details see DoFTools::make_periodicity_constraints() and the glossary glossary entry on periodic conditions.

Definition at line 2679 of file grid_tools.h.

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