deal.II is a project that has many ways for you to obtain help on any question you may have. In particular, there are many pages that can help you with particular questions:

  • The ReadMe file provides information on installation instructions.
  • The main documentation of deal.II comes in the form of tutorials — a sequence of little programs that demonstrate features of deal.II — and the manual — information about every class and function in deal.II.
  • Our Frequently Asked Questions answer some problems often encountered. Some other information is cataloged on the Wiki.
  • Wolfgang's video lectures provide a wide overview of the finite element method in general, as well as programming questions and deal.II in particular.

If you can't find a question answered in any of these places, can't find where something would be described, or don't know how to do something, then one of the deal.II the mailing lists are where you are invited to ask!