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Differentiation::SD::types Namespace Reference


namespace  internal


using substitution_map = std::map< SD::Expression, SD::Expression, internal::ExpressionKeyLess >
using symbol_vector = std::vector< SD::Expression >

Typedef Documentation

◆ substitution_map

Type definition for a value substitution map.

This serves the same purpose as a SymEngine::map_basic_basic, which is equivalent to a std::map<SymEngine::RCP<const SymEngine::Basic>, SymEngine::RCP<const SymEngine::Basic>>.

Definition at line 59 of file symengine_types.h.

◆ symbol_vector

Type definition for a vector of symbols.

This serves the same purpose as a SymEngine::vec_basic, which is equivalent to a std::vector<SymEngine::RCP<const SymEngine::Basic>>.

Definition at line 68 of file symengine_types.h.