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tensor_product_manifold.h File Reference
#include <deal.II/base/config.h>
#include <deal.II/base/point.h>
#include <deal.II/base/subscriptor.h>
#include <deal.II/base/utilities.h>
#include <deal.II/grid/manifold.h>
#include <memory>

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class  TensorProductManifold< dim, dim_A, spacedim_A, chartdim_A, dim_B, spacedim_B, chartdim_B >
 Tensor product manifold of two ChartManifolds. More...


namespace  internal
namespace  internal::TensorProductManifoldImplementation


template<int dim1, int dim2>
Tensor< 1, dim1+dim2 > internal::TensorProductManifoldImplementation::concat (const Tensor< 1, dim1 > &p1, const Tensor< 1, dim2 > &p2)
template<int dim1, int dim2>
Point< dim1+dim2 > internal::TensorProductManifoldImplementation::concat (const Point< dim1 > &p1, const Point< dim2 > &p2)
template<int dim1, int dim2>
void internal::TensorProductManifoldImplementation::split_point (const Point< dim1+dim2 > &source, Point< dim1 > &p1, Point< dim2 > &p2)