deal.II Authors

deal.II is a global project. It is administered by a group of principal developers. Technical decisions are made by the principal developers and a group of developers consisting of long-term contributors with a global overview of the library. A large number of contributors have provided substantial patches over the years.

These three groups are listed below.

Principal developers



Many people have contributed to deal.II over the years, some of them very substantial parts of the library. Their work is greatly appreciated: no open source project can survice without a community. The following people contributed major parts of the library (in alphabetical order), with many more that have sent in fixes and small enhancements:

deal.II draws from some ideas which were first implemented in the predecessor library, DEAL, developed by Guido Kanschat, Franz-Theo Suttmeier, and Roland Becker. It has also benefitted from knowing about DiffPack, a library developed in Norway in the 1990s.

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