Seventh deal.II Users and Developers Workshop

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA;   August 6-9, 2019

Program and schedule

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The program is a mixture of scheduled talks, pop-up talks on topics of interest, and plenty of time to work on projects of your in small groups surrounded by others working on similar questions. We found that this works better than spending 6 or 7 hours listening to talks every day. The principal focus of the workshop is to make connections to others and to be productive with your projects.

We will meet every day at 9am, have lunch at 12 noon, and reconvene 1:30 to 5pm. You can stay essentially as long after that if you feel like you continue to be productive.

At the moment, we have scheduled the following talks (we try to remain flexible and may move talks as useful; time not allocated for talks is used for group work):

9am Wolfgang Bangerth: Welcome and introduction
9:30am David Wells: git, github, workflows for contributing to deal.II
10:30am Everyone: 1-slide introductions
1:30pm Timo Heister, Wolfgang Bangerth: Ideas for starter projects and good first pull requests
3:30pm Luca Heltai: Generation and Manipulation of complex geometries: an example workflow
9am Marc Fehling: Parallel hp adaptivity
10am Conrad Clevenger: Parallel multigrid
1:30pm Zhuoran Wang: The Weak Galerkin (WG) method and step-61
2pm Graham Harper: Developing a new element using the Bernardi-Raugel element as an example
2:30pm Natasha Sharma: C0 Interior Penalty Method for fourth order elliptic problem using deal.II
9am Daniel Garcia: Quantum computing device design using Finite Elements
10am Peter Munch: Efficient, large-scale simulations on complex geometries with deal.II - using a hybrid multigrid solver and a fully distributed triangulation
1:30pm Daniel Arndt: Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioner for Matrix-Free Discretization
2:15pm Bruno Blais: High order stabilized solvers for the Navier-Stokes equations
9am Rene Gassmoeller: Particle methods in deal.II
1:30pm deal.II infrastructure session:
  • Matthias Maier: Packaging for distribution, the deal.II testsuite
  • Timo Heister: Continuous integration