Interfacing deal.II to Ginkgo

Ginkgo is A numerical linear algebra software package that provides its users with highly optimized fine grid level linear algebra operations. It currently has the capability to solve on the CPU with the support of OpenMP and on the GPU with NVIDIA's CUDA libraries. For some operations it uses NVIDIA's own libraries, CuSparse and CuBLAS, but some routines also have self implemented CUDA functions.See the Ginkgo documentation for more details.

deal.II has wrapper classes to the linear algebra parts of Ginkgo that provide almost the same interfaces as the built-in deal.II linear algebra operations.

Installing deal.II with Ginkgo

During the CMake configuration, the following flags should be specified:

Installing Ginkgo

Installing Ginkgo is quite simple. Ginkgo currently uses CMake and hence one can use the following commands to easily install Ginkgo. For different dependencies and compatible libraries, please refer to Ginkgo. The different flags that can be added are:

To install Ginkgo, you would need to:
	git clone
  mkdir build; cd build
	make install

Running the Ginkgo tests

Ginkgo uses gtests to run unit tests. The reference implementations are non-optimized versions to which the OpenMP and CUDA versions are compared with for correctness. The following command, executed in Ginkgo's build directory, launches its test suite.

	make test
The output should contain several lines of the form:
     Start  1: path/to/test
 1/13 Test  #1: path/to/test .............................   Passed    0.01 sec
To run only a specific test for more details, from the build directory, run

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