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Finite elements
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 Base classes
 Finite element access/FEValues classes
 Finite element space descriptions
 Mappings between reference and real cell
 How Mapping, FiniteElement, and FEValues work together
 The interplay of UpdateFlags, Mapping, and FiniteElement in FEValues
 Handling vector valued problems




class  FESeries::Fourier< dim >
class  FESeries::Legendre< dim >
class  FETools::FEFactoryBase< dim, spacedim >
class  FETools::FEFactory< FE >

Detailed Description

All classes related to shape functions and to access to shape functions. This concerns the actual values of finite elements. For the numbering of degrees of freedom refer to the module on Degrees of Freedom.

The classes and functions of this module fall into several sub-groups that are discussed in their respective sub-modules listed above. In addition, the FETools class provides functions that provide information on finite elements, transformations between elements, etc.