Reference documentation for deal.II version 9.3.3
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Linear solver classes
Collaboration diagram for Linear solver classes:


class  SolverBase< VectorType >
class  SolverRelaxation< VectorType >
class  SparseDirectUMFPACK

Detailed Description

This module groups iterative and direct solvers, eigenvalue solvers, and some control classes. All these classes operate on objects of the matrix and vector classes defined in deal.II.

In order to work properly, solvers that take matrix and vector classes as template arguments require that these classes satisfy a certain minimal interface that can be used from inside the solver. For iterative solvers, this interface is defined in the Solver class. In addition, solvers are controlled using objects of classes that are derived from the SolverControl class (for example its derived class ReductionControl), in order to determine the maximal number of iterations or a desired tolerance.

If detected during configuration (see the ReadMe file), some sparse direct solvers are also supported.