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Coding conventions used throughout deal.II

Throughout deal.II, we strive to keep our programming style and the kind of interfaces we provide as consistent as possible. To this end, we have adopted a set of coding conventions that we attempt to follow wherever possible. They have two parts: style issues, and something we call "defensive programming", the latter being an attempt to let our code help us find bugs. When reading through them, it is important to remember that styles are not god given or better than any other set of conventions; their purpose is merely to keep deal.II as uniform as possible. Uniformity reduces the number of bugs we produce because we can, for example, always assume that input arguments come before output arguments of a function call. They also simplify reading code because some things become clear already by looking at the style a piece of code is written, without having to look up the exact definition of something.

Notes on deal.II indentation

deal.II uses clang-format 6.0 to normalize indentation. A style file is provided at